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Abbey of San Vittore delle Chiuse

The Romanesque abbey of San Vittore delle Chiuse was built by the Lombards towards the end of the tenth century at the beginning of the Gorge of Frasassi, within a “amphitheater” of mountains from which it is completely surrounded; it is said that the same name of the “Chiuse” (Rave of Clusis) was attributed to it precisely because it was “closed” in the mountains, as if protecting it by hiding it. The present complex is a reconstruction of the XIV-XV century, while the church is dated XI sec. The interior is illumined and free of decorations, sculpted with round arches.

The architecture is Oriental, with Greek cross planimetry inscribed in a square from which the five apses and the facade tower are projected; at the vertex stands a low octagonal tibur. Architectural typology makes it one of the most significant Romanesque monuments in the region, just a short distance from the Frasassi Grotte notes. A rather curious detail that has attracted the attention of many scholars is the symbol of the infinite near the left door of the altar. This symbol of the infinite is overturned and descends immediately into the eyes as soon as the abbey enters. Even today, one does not understand why, but it is believed that the Templars were leaving such an esoteric trace.