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Lake of Castreccioni 2017-09-20T16:29:54+00:00

Project Description

Lake of Castreccioni

Lake Castreccioni for its size is not only the largest artificial basin of the Marche region but also of all the center of Italy. It is located in the Commune of Cingoli, Cigoli, turismo, avventura, mangiare, dormire, Macerata, Fabriano, Jesi, Anconathe Balcony of the Marche and one of the “most beautiful villages of Italy”. It is embedded in a unique naturalistic setting. Metered by migratory routes of many aquatic birds, it has become the “Provincial Oasis of Fauna Protection”. In addition, the high natural value of the forest, thanks to the presence of holm oaks and evergreen sclerofille, has allowed the area to be recognized as a site of Community interest.

In the bush and in the surrounding forests, rich in flora and fauna, you can make interesting hiking and mountain biking along the many nature trails that also offer very different panoramic views. The Mediterranean vegetation around the lake is made up of the Macchia del Montenero, a protected floristic area.

It is the ideal place to spend relaxing days walking along the shore or renting boats, pedal boats, canoes, electric boats. On the shores of the lake there are refreshments, such as bars, farmhouses, and beach umbrellas. Also open an “Adventure Park” for children and adults.