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The Marches are a degradation of sweet hills and valleys that descend from the Apennine to the sea. In the inner areas survive ancient villages, medieval settlements closed between walls, castles and rocks that overlook the hills. The typical stretch of the Marche landscape is a succession of soft hills that like so many waves run down to the coast, where golden and thin sandy beaches stretch out into the sea waters, in a continuous and uniform line interrupted only by the promontory of the Conero , which on one side gently descends between the waves and on the other throws steep and steep among the waves.

A tourist eager to explore the streets and hills of the Marche region can enjoy the spectacular alternation of colors created by the various crops, orchards and even the vast monochromatic stains of cereal monocultures that extend along the sloping walls of the hills, crops that they change the landscape with the alternation of seasons. Immersed in this quiet, ancient city of landscapes, they continue to live in a continuum between past, present and future, giving them an austere and noble appearance; a continuity that is increasingly difficult to find and keep in our day and has now become an unmistakable fracture for many Italian urban centers.

The cities and places to visit are numerous, including: Ascoli Piceno, all built in travertine, with its monumental buildings of different styles and ages; Massa stops Amandola, a small medieval village; the Abbey of Fiastra; Tolentino; Camerino home of an ancient university; Fabriano is famous for its centuries-old paper production; Loreto is the destination of pilgrimages to the sanctuary of the Holy House of Mary; Osimo characterized by six-eighteenth-century architecture; Ancona, a sunny and maritime city whose harbor is situated in a characteristic creek and whose ancient city is delineated by the soft hills surrounding it and extends beyond the promontory with the modern part; Fano, known and popular mainly as a bathing resort.

And just the hills represent the happiest areas for the prosperity of the vine and the production of excellent grapes. The brightness of the sun and its heat make it possible to express other gradations of sugary and delicate scents, indispensable for obtaining good wines of which the whole region is rich. Viticulture is fragmented with the smallest or mid-sized companies that are emerging, towards which the public carries out leadership and coordination functions, throughout the industry, from the field to the market.