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Recanati House of Giacomo Leopardi 2017-09-20T18:22:39+00:00

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Leopardi House – RECANATI

The birthplace of Giacomo Leopardi is located in Recanati in the district of Monte Morello.

The present palace dates back to the middle of the eighteenth century, when the canonian Carlo Orazio Leopardi, poet’s poet and valentine architect of the time, gathered in a single nucleus the various buildings in which the family had lived uninterruptedly since the 13th century. In Carlo Orazio, the façade of the palace, in a sober neoclassical style, and the internal staircase, are considered to be one of his best interventions on the city’s buildings.

The entire first floor of the building is occupied by the famous Library – a source of knowledge for Giacomo Leopardi and his brothers – which accommodates more than 20,000 volumes and is the only open part of the building’s public. The upper floors, in fact, are still inhabited by the descendants of the Leopardi family.

Hotel, hostal, albergo, country house, accomodation, booking, Marche, Italy, Italia, tourism, farmhouse, rooms available, reserve, where to eat, sleep, piano, music, antiquity, sea, sun, italy, beaches, wines, tourism,The noble floor consists of elegant rooms with frescoed ceilings, decorated walls and furnishings dating back to the 16th and 19th centuries. In these “ancient halls”, Giacomo spent his childhood surrounded by brothers and in one of them, still today, it is possible to observe the “figurative herds”: four large canvases attributed to Rosa Da Tivoli, remembered by the Poet in the Rememberings. The “Academy Room” also stands on the noble floor where Monaldo, Giacomo’s father, usually gathered the members of the Literary Academy of Placid Disparities, already present in Recanati in the 15th century. and he was restored in the early nineteenth century.

In the eastern part of the building, in an apartment that Giacomo shared with his brother Carlo Orazio, is the poet’s bedroom. The room, simple, has been kept intact as it was at Leopard’s era.

The basement of the building houses the former mill, since 1995 used as a venue for important exhibitions on Giacomo Leopardi. The exhibition “Giacomo dei libri: Leopardi library as a space of ideas” was inaugurated in 2012.

Next to the premises of the former mill there are the old cellars of the palace. They currently host a small retail outlet where you can buy Leopardi wines, a show of barrels, old winemaking tools and can be visited for free.

To the north and east, the palace is closed by the gardens, a place for children of so many generations. Once the family also had the adjacent spaces, now the home of the National Center for Leopard Studies and the World Poetry Center.

In history, the palace has been visited by Italian and foreign personalities belonging to the world of literature (such as Giosué Carducci, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Eugenio Montale, etc.), art, politics, fashion, finance, directors and actors of cinema and theater (like Carmelo Bene), the most important positions of the state such as Giorgio Napolitano, Laura Boldrini and Prince Charles of England.

In 2013, Casa Leopardi was the set of the film The fabulous young Mario Martone, with Elio Germano in the role of the Poet. The film came out in theaters in 2014 and has hit a huge hit of critics and viewers.